A rare feat of courage and determination

By Abha Manakatala - Wed Oct 07, 10:38 am

Evan-StrongAfter the Mountain Man of Bihar, a Jharkhand tribal man, Mangal Singh Munda has shown a rare courage and determination by travelling on foot from Tamil Nadu to Ranchi in nine months due to the financial crisis.

Munda, a resident of Chutru village in Bundu town, had reportedly gone to Tamil Nadu in 2012 in search of livelihood.

With the help of a local agent he got a job in glass factory and worked there for more than two years.

Unable to sustain his family with the salary, he left the company and decided to return to his hometown.

While he was about to board the train some police officer at the railway station allegedly snatched his money leaving him high and dry.

With no option left, he decided to foot the distance to Ranchi. Now, he has reached his home in Bundu and lives happily with his family.

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