Army’s Cockerel Division honors war widows in Ranchi

By Abha Manakatala - Thu Aug 06, 3:04 pm

IMG_8022By organising a ceremony at Albert Ekka Institute in Dipatoli,Ranchi
the Cockerel Division today honoured and velicitated brave women- war widows and their children whose fathers-soldiers-had laid down their lives in the line of duty.

The function was presided by Veena Nagraj,Chairperson,Family Welfare Organisation(FWO),Cockerel Division,and was attended among others by 55 brave women and war widows hailing from Ranchi district.

These brave women and war widows shared their experiences and problems with the chairperson and other attendees who noted their issues and assured them of requisite action to mitigate their concerns.

The meet was planned as part of ongoing 69th Independence day celebration and also a prelude to the upcoming AWWA week in third week of this August month.The brave women and war widows were also informed about the various facilities and welfare schemes of the Army,Central and State Government.The attendees expressed their
hapiness and recommending with the Army and conveyed their gratitude for the same.Mrs Nagraj assured them that more such meets will be organised in the future also.


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