Bihar polling stations to be guarded by central forces

By Abha Manakatala - Mon Sep 14, 1:13 pm

23-43-58-04tvkr_route_ma_04_1825999fFor the first time, central paramilitary forces will be deployed at all polling stations in Bihar during the 5-phase Assembly elections, the Election Commission said today.

As many as 323 observers will be deployed to check flow of illegal money and to ensure that the elections are conducted in free and fair manner.

Solar lamps will be used at polling stations so that power cuts do not affect the exercise in the state.

“100 per cent polling stations in Bihar to be covered by central armed police forces. Not even a single polling station will be left. It has never happened before. It is going to be the first time that central forces will be deployed in all the booths,” Election Commissioner O P Rawat said.

He said state police forces and home guards would be used for maintaining queues and other works.

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