Brahma Kumaris observe Bina Bahan’s Smriti Diwas

By Abha Manakatala - Sun Dec 13, 1:31 pm

Santosh sinha Social Server,Priti Sinha Direstor Rag Rank Acedemy and Shyam Bajaj Social server Offering Flower to Sister Veena2By lighting the lamp the Brahma Kumaris today observed the Smriti Diwas of the ex Incharge of the Ranchi based centre of Brahma Kumaris,Bina Bahan.

In fact,Rani Bahan was the first incharge of the Ranchi based centre.She was succeeded by Bina Bahan who promoted spirituality and Iswariya Vishva Vidalaya in Ranchi.

Now,Nirmala Bahan is leading the centre and taking its culture and tradition to a new height.

On this occasion, Priti Sinha,Director,Rag Rang Academy,inaugurated the programme by lighting a lamp.She also delivered a lecture on spirituality and knowledge.

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