Centre’s move to formulate New Education Policy reaches Ranchi

By Abha Manakatala - Sat Oct 31, 11:46 am

Ranchi, Jharkhand 31 October 2015 :: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das welcomed by students during his arrival at Regional Consultative meeting Central Region on New Education Policy (NEP) 2016- Teacher Education in Ranchi on Saturday. Photo-Ratan Lal

The consultative process initiated by the Union Ministry of Human Resourse Development to formulate a New Education Policy(NEP) in the country today reached Jharkhand.

In Ranchi,Chief Minister Raghubar Das attended a Regional Consultative meeting on NEP related with ‘Teachers education on Saturday.

In fact,the objective of ccunsultation process is to ensure that an inclusive,participatory and holistic approach is undertaken-meaning it takes into consideration expert opinions,field experiences,emperical reaserch,staake holder feed back,as well as lessons learned from best practices-to formulate the NEP 2016.

In the past,previous Commissions for driving Education Policy was undertaken from the top without consulting the stake holders at the ground zero.

Toward this end,when the CM visited the venue of the meeting in Ranchi,he was accorded a warm welcome by students.”New Education Policy should look into the use of learning process in every body’s life”,said the CM while addressing the meeting.

*Ratan Lal’s picture shows students welcoming CM Raghubar Das to address a consultative meeting for New Education Policy in Ranchi on October 31,2015

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