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The Chatra district is situated in the extreme northwest part of Jharkhand. The district came into existence in 1991, was previously a part of Hazaribagh district.The district is bounded on the north by Gaya (Bihar State) district and Hazaribagh district and on the east by Hazaribagh district, on the south by Palamu and Ranchi district and on the west by Gaya (Bihar State) and Palamu district The major portion of the Chatra district is covered by forest (more than 60%) and has scattered settlement patterns.


BHADULI, (Bhadrakali), KOLHUA HILL, KAULESHWARI DEVI, KUNDA CAVE, TAMA SIN.WATERFALLS: Bichkiliya, Duari, Khaya Banaroo, Keridah, Maloodah, Dumer Sumer, Goa, Barura Sharif, Gogri etc.


Rail:Chatra is near Dhanbad, which is on the main Delhi-Howrah railway line.

Road:Well connected with all the major cities by good motor able roads.

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