Cloud,mild rain cheers farmers in Jharkhand

By Abha Manakatala - Tue Sep 15, 1:40 pm

panhala-to-pavankhind-fort-panhala-8For days and weeks,Jharkhand has been praying for rain – and now this.

Clouds in the sky with temprature going down to 27 degree C on Tuesday from 35 degree C on Monday and mild rain on Tuesday brought a sense of relief among farmers in the State.

Weather experts said that many parts of the State including Ranchi will witness rains in the coming two-three days.This has generated hope among the farmers who were depressed due to what was their driest month.

No wonder why today’s mild downpours were welcomed by many, following four weeks of dry days generating fear of drought.

Rain-1But the agriculture scientists still believe that even if it rains now,the damage of dry three weeks is bound to harm the paddy crop.”The production is likely to be down this time by 20 to 35 percent due mainly to the dry spell and weak monsoonal rains”,said Ranchi based Birsa Agriculture University’s Dr A Wadud.

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