Ducks enjoy rain,feed themselves in Getalsud dam

By Manoj Prasad - Sat Aug 01, 11:05 am

images (17)Ever body knows that ducks love to move around in the pond.This view of mine went for a spin when I was near the Getalsud dam on Saturday morning when it was raining and the ducks wandered around its water close to the earth space.

In the past I had seen ducks moving along the lawn and inside the pond.I always walked by them and wondered why don’t they stay in their pond where there is a plenty of water.The same question figured in my mind when I saw a dozen of them facing the rain from the top and water of the dam filling up their bodies where they were swimming in a group.

Manoj Prasad's picture shows ducks hanging around the water of Getalsud dam,Ormanjhi,Ranchi,Jharkhand,while it witnessed rain on Saturday.

Manoj Prasad’s picture shows ducks hanging around the water of Getalsud dam,Ormanjhi,Ranchi,Jharkhand,while it witnessed rain on Saturday.

I kept my Selfie on and watched these ducks enjoying the rain and the cold water of the Getalsud dam.When the rain stopped,I kept the Selfie in my right hand and touched the water of this dam with my left land.It was cold,so much so that I had to remove my hand within a second.However, the ducks were on the move in its water,making lively sound.

As the question continued to secure an answer from me,I noticed that in this rainy season,these ducks were not only enjoying the rain and the dam’s water,but all of them looked as if they were vying with each other to access insects and larve.

My mind had details of this dam,an artificial reservoir situated in Ormanjhi,Ranchi,Jharkhand.The dam was constructed across the Suvarnarekha river and was opened in 1971.

It is a popular picnic spot for the residents of Ranchi and Ramgarh district. The dam provides a small-scale fishing opportunity to the local people of Rukka. The main purpose of the dam is to fulfill the drinking water requirements of the residents of Ranchi. Apart from that, it is also used for industrial purposes and generating electricity.

Against this background,none of these ducks appeared inective.Though the rain water made them get drenched,they continued to catch larve and insects and fed themselves.This made me conclude that whether they liked the rain or not,they enjoyed inside the dam water,exploring and eating larve and insects.

Now,after watching them for a couple of hours there,I think that ducks may not like to be completely wet.They do not run away while being rained,they have the prime feeding time,eating larvae and insects.

Another observation is that they may just like to go to the dam exploring food products.In any case,none of them like to be out of the water for too long.This means that it is nice to notice rains walk by the dam and the ducks just hanging out there catching and eating larve and insects and enjoying the rain.

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