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Fill up post matric scholarship form online by Nov 5

By StateNews - Tue Oct 23, 4:41 am

The Arjun Munda government has made available on line the application form for post matric scholarships meant for the students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand.

The move was greeted by Shashi Minz,a class XI student of St. Xavier’s college,Ranchi.”This has prevented us from greasing the palms of officials and staff of the government to obtain an application form”,Minz said echoing sentiments of many of his classmates.

The form is available on line at www.jharkhand.gov.in.As the portal’s home page opens,mouse has to be clicked at its “citizen corner” and then,when this page appears in front,the page of “e-kalyan” has to be opened to access the form and fill it up on line.

After filling it up,a hard copy of this filled up form has to be down loaded.This down loaded copy attached with relevant and bonafide documents such as certificates of income,residential and caste as well as the marks sheet and a receipt of the paid fees,duly attested by the principal of the educational instituton,has to be submitted latest by November 5.


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  1. i want that thing so we should give a poor children for money

  2. i m a caffe owner i don’t know what is the procedure to filled up online post matric scholarship form a large number of student are awaiting outside my caffe.plz give me helpful feedback

  3. sir what is the last date for the submission of e kalyan online scholership form. There is no information at the official site. Here its written that its upto 5 november only,is it sir ?

  4. please sir provie me scholarship

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