Food Supply Ministers meet over the Food Security and Rising Prices

By Abha Manakatala - Wed Jul 08, 6:22 am

The food supply ministers from all over the country met at the Vigyaan Bhavan in New Delhi today. The Central Food and Supplies Minister Ram Vilas Paswaan and other food supply ministers were present at the meeting. The convention was held for the implementation of the Food Security Act and for the control of the rising prices of food and related supplies.

Jharkhand minister for food and supplies and consumer affairs, Saryu Rai put forward suggestions on important topics. He also suggested that a new agenda be added and proposed that the food supplies should be brought under the Food safety and Standards authority of India. This proposal was accepted unanimously at the meeting. Currently it is placed under the Department of Health.

Rai expressed concern over the rising prices of food commodities, and suggested making a Monitoring Cell.

Rai said that for this, financial assistance is required from the central government. He said the states must be able to measure the rising food prices and be able to control them and will be able to initiate appropriate processes.
He suggested that under the Food Security Act every family should be given 7 kilos of rice instead of 5 kilo of rice and should also be provided wheat. He also said that there are many errors in the reports and that in many cases the needful is not done for the intended.

Referring to the severe shortage of warehouses in Jharkhand, he sought assistance from central government for the construction of new warehouses.

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