‘Gyan’ Mobile developer meets Jharkhand CM

By Abha Manakatala - Mon Sep 21, 12:37 pm

news 2A group of professionals met Chief Minister Raghubar Das inside his office chamber in Ranchi and expressed hope that with the use of technology,knowledge and availability of capital,Jharkhand can gain the height of development in the next ten years.

These professionals were USA based Purudu University’s graduate Dr Alok R Chaturvedi and Dr RK Rai, CEO of Computer Technology Private Ltd(CTPL),Asia.Both of them sought to do business in Jharkhand.

Chaturvedi informed that he was busy connecting the experts from top universities of the world including IITs and NGO. He pointed out that to make the technology popular,he has developed a technique to translate it and make the technology understandable through Mobile phone in Hindi.

The name of the technology is ‘Sakcham’ and to make it known developed ‘Gyan’ Mobile whose use is expected in Jharkhand,said Chaturvedi.

Chaturvedi said that USA based organisations such as Walmart and Wadhwani Foundation are keen to invest to make use of traditionally skilled people’s products for the international market.

Rai told the CM that he was keen to make use of Mobile Android application to develop ‘Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence.’ He said that his company has developed this Apps specially to improve the mental capability.

During their discussion with Das,the CM’s Secretary Sunil Kumar Barnwal informed that a discussion is going to take place with them on Wednesday.

Incidentally,while Chaturvei had done his management course from BIT,Mesra(Ranchi),Rai is said to be health management expert.

Responding to their opinions,the CM Raghubar Das told them that under the Centre’s proposal,if the ‘Resource Centre of Technology’ is set up in Ranchi,the state government will provide necessary resources.”If any national and international body comes up with such a proposal,all Jharkhandis will welcome it”,said the CM

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