HEC holds Vigilance Awareness Week

By Abha Manakatala - Tue Oct 27, 6:59 am

_DSC0010As per directive of the Central Vigilance Commission, “Vigilance Awareness Week” is being observed in HEC Limited, Ranchi from 26.10.15 to 31.10.15. The theme of the year is “PREVENTIVE VIGILANCE AS A TOOL OF GOOD GOVERNANCE.”

Avijit Ghosh,CMD,HEC administered the pledge of maintaining integrity, transparency & devotion to duty to all the Directors, General Managers, Senior Officers, and Staff of the Corporation during the inauguration of the week long awareness week in HEC Headquarters today. Pledge was also administered by the GMs in their respective Plants & in Hospital by Advisor (Medical Division).

Messages of the President,Pranab Mukherjee emphasizing the importance of generating awareness and public opinion on the evils of corruption was read out by the HEC’s CMD, The messages of Vice President of India was communicated by Kushal Saha, Director (Production) and that of Prime Minister by Shri AV Krishna, Director (Mktg.) while the message of Chief Justice of India was delivered by SK Pattanayak, Director (Fin.).

At the same time,the message of Home Minister was conveyed by AC Deogharia by GM (HRD).Shri SK Sinha, GM/HMBP, read out the message of Comptroller & Auditor General of India. Shri RP Sinha, SDGM (Vig.) read out the message of CVC and also conducted the inaugural programme.

During the week, several programmes are slated to be conducted driving home the theme of “Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance”, driving home the point not to see vigilance in isolation but as a tool to achieve good governance and better operational results.Among the prominent programmes are debates, speech and essay competition for employees on “Necessity of Vigilance in Eradication of Corruption from Govt. PSUs”; drawing/painting competition for class IX & X of HEC High School, Kairali Schools and essay competition for HTI students on corruption related topics.

A prabhat pheri will also be organized by the student of HEC High School/Sector-III from their school to Nehru Park via Sector-III (F type) for raising awareness among the public at large about ill effects of corruption.

In order to generate awareness in the public at large about the bad effects of corruption there has been a wide display of banners and posters at prime locations at all Plants, Hqrs and in the Hospital. The programme, concluded with the release of an In-house Vigilance Journal – “SPARK –IV” by the HEC’s CMD. .

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