Initiative by Tata Trusts to help Jharkhand tribals

By Abha Manakatala - Thu Jul 23, 11:54 am

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Courtesy by

Tata Trusts is trying to develop feasible technology options to bring prosperity to tribal communities in the Central Indian tribal belt.

The initiative aims to bring prosperity in the region through creating lakhpati farmers who earn more than a lakh rupees from agriculture and allied activities and are part of vibrant community institutions, said a statement .

This will improve the livelihood of 300,000 households and develop 42 blocks which will push growth in the region over 2015-20. Twenty-four of these blocks are in Jharkhand.

A workshop of 40 experts ranging from technology experts and entrepreneurs, state agencies, implementation partners, researchers, media donors and resource support organizations was organized, said the statement.

They examined the potential of technology, insights from existing initiatives, technology and adoption trends.

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