Jharkhand Photographers Association formed

By Abha Manakatala - Sat Jul 04, 1:56 pm

SNP_4161Every body knows great men and women have great visions.So is the case with Photographers from the state of Jharkhand who have come together to form an association under the leadership of its own office bearers.

Today,they formed an association in the name and style called Jharkhand Photographers Association.After setting up the Association,they described its role and function to promote the cause of photography in Jharkhand.

It is headed by its President Bapi Ghoshal,Coordinator Sanjay Bose,Chief General Secretary Niranjan Kumar,Treasurer Mohit Choudhary,Vice President Mukesh Prasad,Additional Coordinator Abhimanu Kumar,Vinod Kumar Soni,Manish Shah,Sudhir Mishra and Manoj Kumar.

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