Jharkhand to move forward as Centre declares its six major roads as NHs

By Abha Manakatala - Mon Sep 21, 12:58 pm

Representational Picture

Representational Picture

By declaring six major roads of Jharkhand as National Highways,the Centre has evoked positive response from the state governmet led by Chief Minister Raghubar Das.

After the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made the declaration and a notification was issued by the Central Government and Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari today,Das said that the move is bound to help Jharkhand grow and develop in the time to come.

These six major roads in Jharkhand were found appropriate for the grid network in India.They were 530 Km long roads.

In consequence,the total length of the National Highways in Jharkhand will go upto 3184 KM and make the ratio of 39.9 KM per 1000 KM.

Similarly,while national average of population and highway ratio was 8.3 KM per Lakh people against Jharkhand’s going up and making the average of 10.2 per Lakh population now.

This was greeted by the CM Raghubar Das.”We had raised this demand in April this year”,he said thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gadkari for declaring six major roads of the State as NHs.

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