Jharkhand village gangs duping bank customers

By Abha Manakatala - Fri Jun 12, 8:39 am

A village in Jharkhand has become a focus of attention of the Delhi Police for duping people by making calls on their phones and seeking their bank details.

The police said they found that in most cases, calls were made from a particular Jharkhand village. But reportedly when a Delhi Police team reached this village recently, villagers started pelting stones on policemen.

According to the police, there are various gangs operating from this village that target people in various cities, especially Delhi.

The village youngsters are involved in perpetrating such frauds but it has not been confirmed yet how did they lay their hands on information of bank customers, said the police.

The police investigation has also revealed that the fraudsters lead a lavish lifestyle and have purchased luxury cars and phones from the money taken from innocent bank customers.

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