JSWC for strong policy to stop witchcraft practice

By Abha Manakatala - Sun Aug 09, 11:39 am

Five-women-lynched-in-JharkhanJharkhand State Women’s Commission has condemned the killing of five women at Kanjia village in Ranchi district for allegedly practising ‘witchcraft’.

Expressing grief over the killings, Chairperson of the Commission, Mahua Manjhi, pitched for a strong policy to stop such incidents.

She said, “Lack of education, road connectivity to towns and cities, unemployment and awareness are some of the reasons behind superstition of witchcraft.”

She said soon after she took over as the head of the JSWC, the commission expedited shaping the ‘pending policy for women’ but it could not be enacted due to election model code of conduct in 2014.

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