Meeting held to review Rural Development

By Abha Manakatala - Tue Jun 16, 2:49 pm

In a meeting regarding the Rural Development in the state, the following points were discussed today:
Action will be taken if the Simdega District does not meet the labour budget in the next seven days.
A state level committee should visit the Potka block and review the pace of work done there.
The plans that were not approved in 2014-2015 in various districts will be reviewed.
Giridih district has to recover its position in seven days.
There have been complaints about delay in payment from various districts. This has to be looked in to soon.
The construction of buildings for the different blocks should be reviewed.
The blocks have to be furnished and other essential goods have to be provided.
Blocks in Gadwa, Palamu and Haribagh have not been constructed due to the unavailability of land. Land has to be acquired.
Business correspondents are employed in all the districts. It will be reviewed if it is effective or not.

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