Moharram Mela held in Ranchi

By Abha Manakatala - Sun Oct 25, 1:05 pm

DSCN6057“If every human being learns from the life of Imam Hussain,no obstruction can take place in peace,happiness and brotherhood in the world.The sacrifice made by Imam Hussain provide us a guideline to move in the path of truth.By recognizing it and following it,life will become meaningful”,said Khatib Idain Maulana Miswahi.

Miswahi was the main speaker on the occasion of the Moharram Mela function-Jalsa-e-Saurat-Sohad-e-Karbala –held at Pahari Tole in Ranchi today.

Imam Hussain,born in 620 AD to a family famed for their values of love, honour and peace,was raised by his grandfather Muhammad (the last prophet of Islam).

In fact, Hussain was known for his integrity, generosity of spirit and blindness to colour and social class. It was for this reason that people flocked to him and his family.

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