NTPC DGM Rakesh Nandan Sahay seeks inquiry for ‘fair investigation’

By Abha Manakatala - Fri Sep 25, 12:31 pm

download (18)National Thermal Power Corporation’s Deputy General Manager(Human Resources)Rakesh Nandan Sahay,who was allegedly insulted and assaulted by the IAS officer and ex Hazaribagh Deputy Commissione,has sought investigation into the case.

In a letter to Jharkhand DGP,Sahay has requested ‘for fair and impartial investigation’of the case involving Sunil Kumar,1999 batch IAS,who had allegedly ‘insulted and assulted’ him,according to the FIR filed by him nearly seven months ago in Hazaribagh.

His letter mailed to Jharkhand DGP DK Pandey on Friday,Sahay alleged that despite his FIR and records of witnesses against Kumar,no action was initiated against him.No investigation was made either,wrote Sahay in his letter,a copy of which is available with www.jharkhandstatenews.com.His letter said as follows:

Respected Sir,

1. I have full faith that the above issue is under your kind notice. With full trust in your inspired leadership as head of the police force in Jharkhand, I have tremendous hope of justice from your esteemed hand.
2. With due regards & all sincerity , I wish to request you the following facts and developments of the above case:-
· Despite more than 7 months have passed concrete/focused efforts have not been made to record the statements of the witnesses (20 witnesses).
· Inaction in taking Injury report from Sadar Hospital, Hazaribagh and from other hospitals wherein treatment was undertaken after the incident.
· Statement of medical practioner treated has not been recorded as off now.
· Inaction in obtaining call records of the numbers given in the FIR and victim from BSNL/other service providers.
· In action to gather evidence from CCTV, if at all installed at DC, residence, Hazaribagh.
· Recording of the statements of alleged persons, named in FIR.
· Main accused Sh. Sunil Kumar , then DC, Hazaribagh, (IAS, 1999, Jharkhand Cadre, ID No 01JH047900) has been allowed to go out of country since 14.08.15 for one year, most probably without taking bail and despite of having serious criminal charges on him. It will delay the process of investigation and is equal to slow justice is no justice.
· Inquiry Officer (Sh. Vijay Kumar Dang, ASI) and Supervision Officer (Sh.K.K.Mahto, Inspector) have been transferred out of Hazaribagh for more than a month now but no alternate has been identified for fair and smooth investigation of the case.
3. Recording of my statement:-
· I was contacted by Sh.K.K.Mahto, Inspector (Mobile number (9431706301) on 13.03.2015 for my statement.
· Since I was posted at Ranchi for better medical treatment by NTPC so as agreed the whole statement with documentary evidence containing 80 pages was sent to him through speed post no EJ146457660IN dated 14.03.15.
· As per his request I had visited NTPC- Coal Mining Office at Ujjwal Complex Pugmil Road , above Vishal Mega Mart Hazaribagh on 25.03.15 , wherein I had in person recorded my statement and related queries at around 3.30 to 4.30 PM. With him the then Inspector PS: Katkamdag/Pelawal ,Hazaribagh, Sh. Vijay Kumar Kerketta (Mobil Number 7070797041) was also present
· I and AGM(HR), NTPC requested him that prime witness from NTPC are also available but showing non-availability of time and his busy schedule he left NTPC office in a jiffy. As an evidence of my narration CCTV footage of NTPC coal mining office at Hazaribagh of 25.03.15 may be seen.
· Thereafter , there was no communication till around 13:00 PM on 22.05.15 surprisingly the inquiry officer of the case Sh. Vijay Kumar Dang , ASI, Sadar PS , Hazaribagh called from his mobile number 9693948448 , that recording of my statement is required on apprising him that the same has already been complied with as presented above.
· Based on his request, once again the whole statement with documentary evidence containing 80 pages was sent to him through speed post no EJ 981494453IN dated 23.05.15.
· It was further requested by inquiry officer of the case Sh. Vijay Kumar Dang, ASI, Sadar PS, Hazaribagh that I have to produce my witnesses.
· Considering the facts that to gather evidence is the part of the investigation and as per IPC/Cr.PC 161, it has to be done by police and additionally, I was posted at Ranchi therefore, I requested him to kindly have a look at the page number 16 of my statement wherein details of all 20 witnesses have been given which can enable his investigation.
· On specifically being asked the contact details of three NTPC personnel who had been with me to the DC residence, Hazaribagh on 10.02.2015, I sent details through SMS immediately.
· Subsequently , I sent him the said details vide letter dated 22.05.15 sent by speed post no EJ 981494453IN dated 23.05.15 , which has been received on
· I also requested through above letter that inquiry report of ACS (Home), Jharkhand may please be made part of investigation. As making the reference of the inquiry ordered by CM, Jharkhand, media reports were published that the behavior of Sh. Sunil Kumar, the then DC was unreasonable and uncalled for.
· Adding to my surprise, Sh.K.K.Mahto, Inspector (now from Mobile number 8757772113) once again asked on 26.05.2015 that I have to produce the witness in front of him, on specifically being asked the contact details of three NTPC personnel who had been to DC residence , Hazaribagh on 10.02.2015 ,I sent details through SMS immediately.
· The whole matter was appraised to Inquiry Officer Sh. Vijay Kumar Dang , ASI and Sh. D.N.Azad, the then SHO, Sadar PS, Hazaribagh on 27.05.15.
· As,it is learnt by me that based on request of inquiry officer of the case Sh. Vijay Kumar Dang , ASI, Sadar PS , Hazaribagh to ED, Coal Mining , NTPC-Hazaribagh dated 24.06.15, NTPC management has forwarded written statement of one of the witnesses vide letter dated 29.08.15 with a copy to SP, Hazaribagh.
4. As, I believe that the above must have been made part of the investigation and genuine efforts will be taken by Hazaribagh Police, so that justice is arrived in the case and the truth and only truth brought forward, which apparently appears to be not forthcoming as off now. I have firm believe that fake three FIRs lodged against me will also be withdrawn.
5. A brief of basis of my apprehension is enclosed in the next page of the letter.
6. Based on above, I request that only fair justice and decision will be flowing from your virtuous office.

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