PM Modi inaugurates 180 KM Solar Power Plant project at District Court in Khunti

By Abha Manakatala - Fri Oct 02, 5:57 am

v320x159_kuntiThe Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Khunti and inaugurated 180 KW roof top Solar Power Plant at the District Court there today.

Khunti District Court is the first District Court in the country to have Solar Power Plant inaugurated by the PM Modi.

Also,Modi is the first Prime Minister who has visited Khunti,the heat of tribal Jharkhand.As it is Khunti is the Maoist affected district,area dominated by the Catholic Church and the birth place of the tribal hero Birsa Munda.

“This is the first step to bring about Solar energy revolution in the country”.said a school teacher in Khunti.

Before the PM Modi inaugurated the Solar Power Plant,Jharkhand Chief Justice Virendra Singh appealed to him and the Chief Minister Raghubar Das that the Jharkhand High Court complex coming up in Ranchi is also equipped with Solar Power Project.”We are sure with the cooperation of the state government and the Prime Minister,the new complex in Ranchi will have power through Solar Power”,said the Chief Justice.

“We will also do Solar farming.Our plan is there”,said the CM Das.”In Jharkhand,we will bring energy revolution by using Solar power.”

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