Raghubar Das slammed over water crisis in jharkhand

By Abha Manakatala - Wed Oct 28, 1:05 pm

CM-Raguwar DasThe Jharkhand opposition parties today slammed the state government led by Raghubar Das over water crisis in the state.

The government has started rationing water supply in Ranchi as a result water will be made available to the people only twice a week.

The water level of Dhruva Dam, on which the state capital depends for its drinking water needs, has depleted beyond the minimum level and over two lakh people have have been affected, officials said.

Jharkhand Congress general secretary Alok Dubey reportedly said, “First pulse disappeared from lunch, and now water has vanished.”

Leader of Opposition Hemant Soren said, “The Chief Minister is busy in Bihar and forgot the wellfare of the state which is facing the problem of drought and water crisis and people are waiting for relief.”

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