Ranchi Pahari Mandir’s facelift project takes off

By Abha Manakatala - Thu Sep 17, 12:28 pm

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today inaugurated the Ranchi based Pahari Mandir's facelift project.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today inaugurated the Ranchi based Pahari Mandir’s facelift project.

Das accompanied by the State’s Urban Development Minister CP Singh climbed up the Pahari Mandir and launched the project together.

In fact,it is much awaited project aiming to bring facelift of Pahari Mandir of Ranchi.Today it got the launch with Ranchi District Authorities and the Temple Management vowing to implement the project through a Delhi based architect.

The Mandir, located 2,140ft above sea level atop Ranchi Hill on Ratu Road, will undergo a complete makeover at an estimated Rs 10 crore to be provided by the temple trust. The proposed structure, which will be modelled on a flower with the top protruding like a cone, will be spread across 24,000sqft.

The project, which will be executed under the supervision of the members of Pahari Mandir Vikas Samiti and also the administration, has been divided into three phases.

The first phase, aims to get construction of permanent living quarters for priests, caretakers looking after the temple and shopkeepers residing at the foothills.

The shelters will come up at the bottom of the hill.

The entire work is expected to take two months after which the second and third phases, which will include demolition of the existing main hall and barricading the temple arena followed by construction of library, restaurant, solar and water harvesting system and landscaping among other jobs, will be taken up.

The authorities are hoping to complete the project before the begining of August 15,2016.


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