Save energy,use LED lights,urges PM Narendra Modi

By Abha Manakatala - Fri Oct 02, 6:55 am

narendra-modi1While inaugurating the Solar Power Plant at the roof top of the District Court in Khunti today,the Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only thanked Jharkhand High Court Justice D.N.Patel for ringing him up and invitiing him for the event,but also urged the people gathered there to protect the environment and use LED light to save energy.

Incidentally,Justice Patel is the brain behind the 180 KW Solar Power Plant at the District Court in Khunti.”After he(Justice Patel) called me and requested me for my presence,I told him that I will come.Today,I am here…”,said the PM..

The PM Modi asked the people if he was ready to be heard by them.And when the reply was in the affirmative,he said that water in the river,pond and trees in the forest were there today because “they were protected and saved by our ancestors so that we see them and benefit from them.”

And as such,”since they were not created by us,it is our responsibility to protect and save them for our children who can benefit from them in future”,said Modi evoking a thunderous response from the people in Khunti.

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