South Indian Brahmins observe Upakarma-2015 in Ranchi

By Abha Manakatala - Sat Aug 29, 1:16 pm

Community UPAKARMA in RanchiA community “Upakarma-2015” (annual changing of the holy thread) was observed by a group of South Indian Brahmin Community from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in Ranchi today.

All these South Indian Brahmins live in Ranchi.The religious ceremony, “AANIVATAM”, under the guidance of Shri Shankar, a priest from Mumbai was conducted admist the chanting of appropriate Vedic mantras while carrying out the ritual inside the Sri Ram Temple, Tapovan Mandir, Ranchi.

The handful collective puja was performed by the members of the Brahmin Community of Southern states, following the annual ‘Yajur Upakarma’.

They had assembled at the venue with the conviction and belief that participating in a community funded ritual was far more satisfying and rewarding than being at home, guided by the aids of the digital platform as Utube,WhatsApp and so on,said S Subramaniam,Chief organizer of the annual ritual in Ranchi.

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