The descendants of Martyrs to receive free education

By Abha Manakatala - Tue Jun 30, 3:35 pm

DSC_0358Chief Minister Raghubar Das said today that the Prime Minster Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for the proposed bridge at Manohari Ghat at Sahebganj in September.

Das was paying homage to the martyrs of the Santhal Rebellion at Sahebganj . The people’s movement was directed towards the repressive and tyrannical policies of the Imperialist rulers. The month of June is a significant month for the Santhal Parganas as it marks their uprising.

The children of the families that have descended from the great martyrs themselves will receive free education. Das has directed that electricity, water, roads , sanitation and education be developed and made adequate in the village of Bhognadih, the main centre of the Santhal Rebellion and the birthplace of Kanhu Murmu.

On this occasion, 21 schemes were inaugurated ad appointment letters based on compassionate grounds were handed over to 7 candidates.

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