Vigilance becomes Anti Corruption Bureau

By Abha Manakatala - Wed Aug 05, 3:03 pm

DSC_1021-1The state Vigilance Bureau has been empowered by the BJP government led by Chief Minister Raghubar Das.Apart from changing its name to Anti Corruption Bureau,the state government has decided to provide it with the power to register and enquire into the charges of corruption against top officials and functionaries of the state government ranging from the CM to its Class IV employee.

After a decision toward this end was taken by the state Cabinet on Tuesday,the CM Raghubar Das today informed the officials in this regard.

In the past,the Vigilance Department had to gather permission from the state Cabinet Secretariat to carry out investigation against the top functionaries and Offcials.Now,the Anti Corruption Bureau can register the case against any one of them on its own without taking any permission from it,said the CM Raghubar Das

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