White Revolution underway for Jharkhand

By Abha Manakatala - Mon Jul 06, 2:56 pm

DSC_0583Das today addressed the conference organised by the dairy farm owners and milk producers of the state at the Sports village in Hotwar. He declared that the farmers with less than 5 hectares of land, landless labourers, MGNREGA workers, rickshaw pullers etc will be provided insurance under the national security insurance scheme.

Das said that every family will be provided with domestic animals to make them financially independent. The government will provide 2 cows to the families that fall below the poverty line. Das said that due to the fact that a large number of women are linked to the dairy industry in the state, the ascent will be easy. The government is trying to connect women self help groups to the dairy industry.

The Jharkhand government is also planning to construct 20 animal hospitals. Health fairs catering to animals will be held in the state. Increased milk production will help in freeing the state from malnutrition. It has been estimated that by 2019, Jharkhand will reach self sufficiency in the field of milk production.


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