Yogda Satsanga Society members teach Yoga in Ranchi at Raj Bhawan

By Abha Manakatala - Fri Jun 19, 11:23 am

This session will be again held at Raj Bhawan on Saturday at 6 AM.

Birsa Mandap,Jharkhand Governor House-Raj Bhawan-was packed with members of the Yogda Satsanga Society.

Led by Swami Lalita Nand,these Yogda Satsanga Society members were doing Yoga.Swami Lalita Nand tought them different forms of Yoga.

On the occasion,he lectured too.”Apart from helping practitioners lead disease free life,Yoga helps their body and mind healthy”,said Swami Lalita Nand.

Brahamachari Adhanandji tought different forms of Yoga and touch ways to do each one of them.The Yoga practice session was attended among others by the staff of the Raj Bhawan including Governor’s Principal Secretary Surendra Singh Meena.

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